How do children see life?

How do children see life?

The Ifop polling institute conducted a survey of children on the theme of "living together" for Toboggan magazine. Who understands them best? Is the world right? The children responded directly to these questions and delivered their vision of the world.

On the occasion of its thirty years, the magazine Toboggan and Ifop conducted a survey, entitled "living together", with 506 children aged 7 to 10 to collect their point of view on life.

Family and friends

  • To the question "Who understands you best?"the children overwhelmingly said that it is their parents who are best able to understand them. At 7 years, they are 91% to affirm, against 84% to 10 years.
  • On the quality of relationships with boys of the same age, little girls are 90% to get along with the opposite sex. As for boys, 97% say they get along well with each other.
  • With girls, boys feel in good terms at 86%, and girls are 93% to maintain good relations between them.

The differences

  • Faced with questions about differences, a large majority of children are very tolerant.
  • 94% of girls say that differences in religion and skin color do not bother them and for boys the figures are 91% and 92% respectively.
  • One of the questions asked to the children regards homosexuality. More than half of them, age and sex combined, said they were not bothered by the idea that two people of the same sex were in love.

Is life right?

  • If more than half of 7 year olds say the world is right, at 10 they are only 28%!

* French Institute of Public Opinion. Study published in September 2010.

Alison Novic