Puff pastry pancakes with lemon curd

Puff pastry pancakes with lemon curd

We enjoy this pancake cake recipe which has a good lemon taste thanks to the lemon curd. Easy and delicious!


For the lemon curd

  • 2 yellow lemons
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 2 tbsp. to c. of fluid flour L'Originale Francine
  • 3 eggs
  • 100 g of sweet butter

For pancakes

  • 2 glasses of fluid flour L'Originale Francine
  • 4 glasses of milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 pinch of salt

For training

  • 100 g flaked almonds
  • 2 tbsp. to s. icing sugar


Squeeze the juice of the lemons and pour it into a saucepan with the sugar. Heat over low heat until the sugar is melted, then add the butter and flour stirring briskly with a wooden spoon.

Break up and beat the eggs in a bowl.

Add them to the hot lemon juice and whisk together over low heat until you have a thick cream.

Cool and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Mix 4 glasses of milk, 3 eggs, 2 glasses of flour and 1 pinch of salt.

Cook the pancakes in a hot oiled skillet.

Make the puff pastry by stacking 12 pancakes.

Using a piping bag, divide the lemon curd in a circle from the middle of the pancake.

Cover with the rest of the pancakes. Sprinkle with icing sugar. Sprinkle flaked almonds 1 minute in a dry skillet.