Fever: Can baby convulsions?

Fever: Can baby convulsions?

A baby can actually have seizures during the second year of life. Here are the explanations of Dr. Philippe Grandsenne, pediatrician, about convulsions in the baby.

Fever: Can baby convulsions?

I can only say YES. Not in the first year, because it is mainly in the second year of life that can occur so-called "hyperpyretic" convulsions.

It is not the fever as such that causes the convulsions. This is the sudden rise in temperature. It can very well be 40 ° C for 8 days. On the other hand, to pass abruptly from 37 ° C to 40 ° C, it is the offset of the temperature which can convulse. And indeed, around 1 year and a half, finally in the second year, it is the moment when there is more risk.

The risk is modest because in fact there is very little risk, but it is so impressive, destructive ... Any parent who saw his child convulsant remains marked for life. When a baby convulses, it really feels like he is dying. It's cyanotic, it's horror for parents.

For him, not too much, that is to say that hyperpyretic convulsions, in general, last between 1 to 2 minutes and stop. Meanwhile, it's panic.

After 1 to 2 minutes, it stops; it's over most of the time.

That said, again, when a baby makes a first convulsion, whether it is hyperpyretic or not, he goes to the hospital to take stock. Because again, it may be because of the fever alone, but it can also be because of a disease that causes fever and convulsing; for example, meningitis.

There is no useful reaction. It is too fast; in 1 to 2 minutes anyway, we can not do anything.

So, I think we have to tell the parents that they can not afford to react meaningfully. The useful thing they can do is leave with their baby in their arms in the hospital.

There is what is called hypertonic convulsions, the child is stiff.

There is the clonic convulsion, it is shaken by clones. In general, what parents do, they take it in their arms and they run. So even if you take him in the arms, put him on his stomach, so that it comes out in case he vomits.