He has trouble keeping his coat

He has trouble keeping his coat

Whether it's snowing, rain or shine, it's always the same story: your child can not stand putting on his coat. This is the comedy to put on and once he has it on his back, he has only one idea in mind: get rid of it!

The problem

As soon as he sees you coming with his coat, it's comedy. If he could, he would come out in a T-shirt while the thermometer reads 0 ° C.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He tasted this summer the pleasure of going out slightly dressed and now he no longer accepts the sartorial constraints. His winter clothes seem to bother him.
  • You. A cold is quickly caught. You fear that your child gets cold and gets sick.

He is too hot

You shiver on your bench watching him play outside. He runs, climbs ... and, naturally, the temperature of his body rises. His cheeks turn pink, his temples and his back are wet: he's really hot and we understand that he wants to discover.

  • What has to be done. When leaving the heated house, cover him up no matter what he says. He has to get used to the temperature difference between the inside and the outside. After a few minutes of play, if he is shaking a lot and sweating, open his coat or take off his scarf. Then, with a good sweater and over 9 or 10 ° C, you can remove his coat. But as soon as he stops working, cover him up again. Too bad if he grumbles. The temperature of his body will drop and he could catch cold.
  • What to tell him. "You were very hot because you ran, now you put your coat on the house because your body will cool down."

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