He will be kept at home

He will be kept at home

For the first time, you are going to separate! Your child will be guarded by a nanny at home. How to manage this passage smoothly? The advice of our specialist Etty Buzyn, psychologist for a smooth transition.

The problem

For several months, you stayed very close to each other. And today, your toddler will spend some of his time with someone other than you, whom he does not know any more.

Who disturbs it?

  • You. Your child is still so small! You fear that he is not ready to stay away from his mother for so long.
  • On the one hand, you are anxious about not knowing what will happen during your absence. But, in addition, you feel guilty to leave him. And if he thought you were abandoning him?


He has always been kept by you

Since birth, your toddler has spent a lot of time in your arms. And you fear that he refuses to be lulled by another.

  • What has to be done. Anticipate. The more you have accustomed your child to see you go and come back, the less he will be worried. Entrust him, even an hour or two, to a person you know well: his father of course, but also his grandmother, his aunt ... To get used to other arms, other voices.
  • What to tell him. "I'm going shopping, you're going to play a little with Grandma, and then I'll be there to give you a bath."

He needs a time of adaptation

Your toddler does not know this lady who comes to your door one beautiful morning. And he's going to need a little bit of time to understand why she's coming to your house.

  • What has to be done. Perform a smooth adaptation by asking the nanny to come longer and longer. This will be an opportunity for her to observe your way of doing things and for you to explain your child's habits, the rituals to put him to sleep, your tips to calm him ... Gradually, you can leave them together for half an hour then a few hours. When you leave, do not extend the farewells. If your child feels your reluctance to leave, there is every chance he tries to hold you back ... with heartbreaking cries.
  • What to tell him. "I'm going to tell you Irene, she'll do the same things as me, but I'm your mom", "When I'm not here, you keep me in your head and I'll keep you in mine."

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