8 DIY Hero Costumes

8 DIY Hero Costumes

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It's fun to dress up and change your appearance. Nothing better than Carnival to take advantage of this opportunity! No idea of ​​costumes for this year? No problem ! We have concocted a small panel of disguises of your favorite heroes from baby to parents!

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8 DIY hero costumes (8 photos)

Lily the tigress

The iconic character of Lily the tigress passionate your little girl? Perfect ! Here's how to make a home-made Indian outfit. Hop, go dig up your cabinets looking for an old t-shirt a little big. Felt for the reasons, a headband, fake feathers and go! Find the tutorial to make the costume on the ordinary life of a Breton woman
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Simba the lion

But would it be a lion roaring away in the savannah? No, just your offspring trying to get your attention. This lion cub costume is available on Etsy for both girls and boys. The only downside? The price. It is 83.41 €. But it's worth it to become the king or queen of the jungle and enjoy it thoroughly! Find the costume on Etsy
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Rox Rox and Rouky

This adorable tutu and this pretty red tail bring candor and sweetness to your child. In tribute to Rox in Rox and Rouky, transform your child into a graceful fox for the sweet sum of 32,10 €. Find the costume on Etsy
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The film Coco made us travel to Mexico during "El dia de los muertos" (the day of the dead). Miguel, a young boy, dreaming of becoming a musician, goes in search of his great-great-grandfather in the world of the dead. To become this intrepid boy, nothing more simple: jeans and a red sweatshirt will do! Level makeup, it will be more skillful because the face is supposed to represent that of a Mexican skeleton. Pinterest

Norbert Dragonneau

Your child is passionate about fantasy worlds, but he does not want to dress up as Harry Potter, the most popular wizard? We have the solution: the costume of Norbert Dragonneau, the magizoologist in "The fantastic animals"! In a magic wand and for about 22 €, your junior will become a great magician. Find the costume on PartyBell
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Jack Frost

The character of the legendary Jack Frost will make a perfect costume for a teenager. This hero with ice powers has a unique style but easy to reproduce. A dark blue sweatshirt with brown pants and you're done! You can put some white bomb on the clothes to make them look snowy. Photo: Pinterest

Wednesday Addams

A must-see for disguised parties: Wednesday Addams. The daughter of the famous horror family has her own style and is easily recognizable. A little black dress with a white Peter Pan collar, thick matching tights with ankle boots and your teen is changed. Hair style: two braids on the side and go! Photo: Pinterest


If your soul mate disguises himself as Peter Pan, why not join him and turn you into an impetuous Tinkerbell? A pretty green dress and a little bun bun will do for a wild party. Available on Etsy, the outfit costs 130 €. A fairly high price, but the costume is reusable for years to come. Find the costume on Etsy
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